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Frank Longino Joins Steve Owens and Summertime on Keyboard
Frank Longino is the newest addition to Steve Owens and Summertime! A natural musician since birth (and maybe a little before), Frank Longino has been playing since day one - whether it was banging on a table, the back of the car seat, a keyboard, a drum, blowing a horn, or singing - Frank has always had a tune going on. His theory is, “There’s one universal tune constantly playing. You just jump in and take a few choruses when you can.”   Read More About Frank Longino
Steve Owens and Summertime Set to Release New Album in Spring 2014 Steve Owens and Summertime are in the studio now getting ready for the release of their second in-studio album. The release is set for spring 2014. Do not miss out, be sure to stay up to date right here on the official web home of Steve Owens and Summertime as the release date nears!